Successfully engineered a design from POC project through to a scalable production system using Windows Services and WEB API services to meet the field trial deadline. While working on a POC development project to prove out the use of LoRa-WAN technology to collect data from 5000 water meters the company unexpectedly won a contract to install 50K devices in a municipality. The use of SOLID design principals and faithful use of best practices enabled the project to progress at an accelerated pace while maintaining production level quality.

Result:   That effort allowed the company to proceed with the field trials on schedule.



Designed and develop windows services to synchronize Sales Consultant information. Replaced existing system between Consultant Sales order management web site and compensation/incentive management system providing near real time synchronization.  New system is fault tolerant; auto recovers when source or destination systems go down.

Result:  The new design increased performance reducing the time required to update Consultants profiles allowing the entire consultant base to be update in a few hours when necessary and provide for continuous updates 24/7.


Conceived the idea of adding a general automation interface to an existing product so it could be used in an automation system running on a Windows operating system without the need for customization. Researched new technologies for inter-task communication , prepared a presentation examining costs/ benefits; prepared and presented a cost estimate, budget and proposal to executive management; analyzed communication requirement between robotics and Testing System; developed a schedule for component integration; coordinated activities between software development, mechanical and electrical engineering; produced end user documentation and configuration documentation for engineering technicians and field service engineers.

Result: Complex automated testing system could be constructed with minimal amounts of custom software and no customization of standard products. Customers are able to upgrade to newer versions of software without changing custom components. Automation system can now be added to existing systems in the field.


Designed and developed an event driven ‘Robot Supervisor’.  The supervisor coordinates the actions of the robotics system with materials testing systems and distributes results to a customer specified location and format.  Analyzed communication requirement between robotics system and Materials Testing System; designed a command structure so that events and responses could be custom configured.

Result: Complex automated testing system can now be constructed with minimal amounts of custom software and no customization of standard testing products.

Active Directory

Designed and developed configurable software for user administration. The system allows a Learning Management System (LMS) Administrator to manage users from a WEB interface concurrently in the learning system and Active Directory without any knowledge of Active Directory.  The system allows users to administer their own information and new users to request accounts.  Analyzed requirements for the management of user information; Examined Legacy system operation; Implemented the design in code using C++, Visual Basic, HTML, Flash and ASP;

Result: Administrators can administer Systems that used authentication from Active Directory from a single interface without the need for Active Directory training. 



Designed and developed a system for the delivery of learning content over the Internet.  The system is conformant to the Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) standard for interoperability.  Studied the SCORM specification; Participated in Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) meetings; Submitted improvements to the specification and testing procedures to ADL; Implemented the API using JavaScript, XML and Visual Basic;

Result: Company was one of the first companies to successfully pass the compliance test for the SCORM 1.2 specification at the ADL ‘Plug Fest’ in Orlando, Fl.