Dedicated to developing quality software soloutions using the .Net platform.


Specializing in the Microsoft stack leveraging cumulative experiences to produce effective solutions to business problems. Using C#, the .NET platform and MSSQL to produce Desktop and web based solutions.
Quality and timely delivery can be successfully managed by applying the correct software development methodologies based on the project scope. Several software development methodologies have been developed over the last few decades. Early methodologies such as the Microsoft Solutions Framework (MSF), Unified Process (UP) are extensive and have a steep learning curve. When faced with the tight deadlines that are so common in today’s business environment it is difficult to justify the overhead associated with these techniques. Light weight methodologies like Agile and Extreme Programming (XP) have been developed to address the needs of rapid application development. But these have pitfalls as well. It is rare that any methodology is ever followed to the letter and in fact all of these methodologies continue to evolve to this day. In the end there is no silver bullet and no replacement for experience. With over 25 years’ experience developing large and small software projects applying best practices to specific project needs, I can help find the right solution.

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